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Mastering PSLE-Tested Verbs of Perception: Adventures in Seeing, Hearing, and Spotting

Ahoy, young language adventurers! Today, we're setting off on a thrilling expedition into the world of verbs of perception, with a special focus on those that commonly appear in the PSLE. We will explore how verbs like "noticed," "watched," "saw," "heard," "witnessed," "felt," and "spotted" reveal tales of grammar intrigue. But beware, for many young grammar explorers fall before these questions. So, gird your loins and let's embark on a journey into the heart of adventure, guided by the power of verbs of perception!

Let's start by unlocking the power behind these verbs of perception

The verb after VOPs are in infinitive form

Though the verb after VOPs can be in the continous form, we will focus on this for today. Thus, many brave grammar adventurers make these mistakes:

I heard Peter cried last night.

I saw the man took the handphone.


Remember, we use infinitive forms after VOPs. Here are some examples to drive home the point.

1. Sight-Seeing and Noticing Marvelous Moments

  • Noticed: "I noticed the man move the chess piece."

  • Noticed: "She noticed the beautiful flowers bloom in her garden."

  • Saw: "She saw the shooting star streak across the night sky."

  • Saw: "We saw the bright fireworks light up the dark night."

  • Watched: "I watched my friend perform a fantastic magic trick."

  • Watched: "They watched the thrilling race down the hill."

  • Spotted: "I spotted a rare bird fly across the sky."

  • Spotted: "She spotted her friend wave enthusiastically from across the playground"

  • Witnessed: "They witnessed the thief escape through the open window."

  • Witnessed: "We witnessed the man steal when no one was watching"

2. Sonic Adventures with "Hear"

  • Heard: "He heard the thunder rumble in the distance."

  • Heard: "She heard her favorite song play on the radio."

3. Feeling the Adventure

  • Felt: "I felt the table shake beneath my hand as the train rushed by."

  • Felt: "She felt her heart race with anticipation as she watched the thrilling roller coaster ride."

While on this linguistic journey, we must be cautious not to fall into this easily avoidable trap. Now that I've unveiled the secret, you can avoid it. As you prepare for the PSLE, remember to keep your eyes peeled for verbs of perception. Danger lurks around every corner but with the mastery of VOPs, you'll craft your own stories of PSLE success!

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