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Description Boost #1 - Camping

Updated: Jun 13

Using the 5W1H approach in writing often results in dry and flavourless sentences.

Who are in the story?

What are the characters doing?

Where are they?

When is this happening?

Why are they doing this?

How do they feel?

​My classmates and I

They are camping

At the campsite

At night

School holiday


Using that as the guideline, it's not uncommon to see this in the introduction

​It was the school holidays. My classmates and I went on a school camp. We were happily setting up the tent. Night fell.

You would think it should not be that difficult to get students to elaborate on what was going on at the campsite or to bring out that sense of excitement but very often, students come up empty. So here's a short list of phrases and ideas to kickstart overcome that hurdle

​The children's eyes shimmered with excitement as they arrived at the campsite, eagerly exploring their surroundings.

Their laughter echoed through the woods, as they enthusiastically shared stories of their previous camping adventures.

Their tiny feet danced with enthusiasm, as they eagerly raced to set up their tents and claim their camping spots.

The children's faces lit up with joy and anticipation as they gathered around the campfire, ready for a night of marshmallow toasting and storytelling.

Their voices filled the air with excitement as they animatedly planned their next day's adventures, from hiking trails to swimming in the nearby lake.

The children's hearts raced with exhilaration as they embarked on a thrilling nature scavenger hunt, eagerly searching for hidden treasures.

Their eyes widened with wonder as they spotted a family of deer grazing nearby, their excitement and eagerness to observe wildlife increasing.

The children's hands trembled with excitement as they carefully cast their fishing lines into the sparkling river, awaiting the thrill of a catch.

Their spirits soared with enthusiasm as they conquered a challenging rock climbing wall, their eagerness to overcome obstacles driving them forward.

The children's voices rose with anticipation as they prepared for a night under the stars, waiting to experience the magic of sleeping in nature's embrace.

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