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A Primer on Show, Don't Tell - Worry / Concern

Updated: Mar 25

1. "This is troubling," I whispered, a wave of unease washing over me as I glanced around the room for reassurance.

2. "How can this be?" I questioned, a sense of apprehension gripping my chest as I nervously paced back and forth.

3. "No, that's not possible," I muttered, a feeling of anxiety prickling at the back of my mind as I anxiously scanned the surroundings.

4. "I can't believe it," I gasped, a sense of worry creeping into my thoughts as I reached for something to steady myself.

5. "What am I supposed to do?" I fretted, a growing disquiet knotting in my stomach as I frantically searched for a solution.

6. "This is alarming," I murmured, a rush of concern flooding through me as I anxiously clasped my hands together.

7. "This is troubling news," I exclaimed softly, a sense of unease settling over me as I nervously chewed on my lower lip.

8. "I never thought it would come to this," I sighed, a deep disquiet settling in as I anxiously tapped my foot.

9. "How could this happen?" I wondered aloud, a feeling of worry gnawing at my insides as I anxiously wrung my hands.

10. "I'm not sure what to make of this," I admitted, a sense of apprehension gnawing at the edges of my thoughts as I anxiously glanced around for answers.

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