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Model Composition - Write about a time when you went on a holiday

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"This is so unfair! We were supposed to be in Akihabara right now, not some ancient city with, like, old buildings and stuff," I groaned, casting disdainful glances at the bustling crowd around me.The initial plan was Japan—the land of anime, futuristic cities, and the promise of adventure that danced through the neon-lit streets. That was the dream holiday. 

My younger sibling, Lily, rolled her eyes. "You're always so dramatic. Be grateful that you are even on a holiday."

It seemed everything and everyone were against me.  As we stepped into the labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar, I could not help but think my life must have been a joke. My dissatisfaction radiated in waves and my parents, patient as ever, exchanged knowing glances but refrained from forcing me into immediate enjoyment.

"Dad, Mom, this is ridiculous. I can't believe you changed the plans without asking us!" I protested.

My father, his calm demeanor unwavering, placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. " I understand it's not what we initially planned, but sometimes the best experiences come when you least expect them. Give it a chance."

That little pep talk did nothing for my misery which was a contagion by then.

With a deep sigh, I reluctantly followed the family through the narrow streets, each cobblestone a metaphor for the unexpected twists life throws our way. The labyrinthine market with its vibrant colors on exquisite textiles and intoxicating aroma of spices; the bustling alleys filled with merchants haggling. They intensified my reluctance. The Grand Bazaar seemed like a chaotic maze, and my enthusiasm waned.

Lily knew she had to defuse the situation and pointed to a stray cat, its fur a patchwork of colours, lounging near a mosaic-covered wall. "Look. It seems so content. Why don't you try petting it?"

Cats was my Achilles heel but I was still hesitant. Slowly, I approached the feline. To my surprise, it welcomed my touch with a gentle purr, its eyes conveying a sense of calmness. "The cat's friendly. It's like a local welcoming committee," Lily exclaimed.

My parents chuckled as they indulged me, allowing me to spend moments petting the cat. Soon, the bustling market and my grouchiness seemed to fade into the background. As we explored the market, the cat became a comforting companion. Sometimes, it led the way while on other occasions, it was content trailing behind. "Ah, it seems the cat has chosen you," a spice shop owner remarked, his voice seasoned with hospitality. "Welcome, my friends. You're invited to explore the treasures within."

Patches, the unofficial name of our ambassaor, sauntered right in, turning its head back as if it was beckoning and reassuring us. With a laugh, our family bundled into the shop, past the entrance adorned with vibrant curtains. The air within exploded into a heady symphony of aromatic notes and Patches led the exploration, inspecting the shelves packed with intricately designed jars and containers, each showcasing an array of spices that spanned the spectrum of colors—vibrant yellows of turmeric, fiery reds of paprika, and deep greens of cardamom leaves. For the first time that day, the colours and smells reached me; I was warming up and finally enjoying myself.

"Come. Sit. I'm Yusef, and I won't make you buy anything you don't want to," he said as summoned for Turkish tea. 

The friendly owner, a seasoned merchant with a warm smile etched into the lines of his face,  held up a variety of spices as if orchestrating a symphony of flavors, all the while stroking Patches who had curled up in a corner near a display of saffron. Slowly but surely, our family was drawn into his stories and conversations flowed effortlessly, as if the centuries-old market had opened its heart to us.

Yusef's words were a pathway to the secrets of culinary alchemy, and each spice was a vessel of stories and traditions. I laughed the loudest when he reminisced his unfortunate encounters with entitled tourists. 

By the time we left the spice shop, it was more than just one of the many in the Grand Bazaar—we had made friends. . We waved our goodbyes, promising to return.


The cat was fast asleep.

"Don't worry. It's safe here," Yusef said with a wink.

Quietly, I took out my phone and snapped a picture of it before we left for the hotel, carrying not just bags of exotic spices but also the joyful memories of laughter, shared stories, and the genuine warmth of newfound friendship - a treasure trove of experiences to savor long after.

I could have missed it all, if not for Patches. Life often takes unexpected turns, and it's in those detours that the true magic lies. There's always a silver lining, a unique flavor waiting to be discovered, if only one keeps their eyes and heart open to the unexpected. Our feline friend is testament to the transformative power of a single encounter, and the Grand Bazaar became a cherished chapter in our journey, written with the warm hospitality of Turkish tea. 

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