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English tuition

I have helped many students to improve their English grades.

The english syllabus

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At all levels, students are expected to develop the following competencies:

Paper 1

  • write clearly and effectively to suit purpose, context and audience

  • use appropriate tone

  • be clear and precise in the correct usage of grammar and vocabulary 

Paper 2

  • demonstrate comprehension at literal and inferential levels

  • show understanding of implied meanings

  • make judgement and come to logical conclusions after critical thinking

Through two decades of tutoring, I have developed a know-how to improve grades which is aligned to MOE English syllabus.

I'm a firm believer in consistent effort and start preparing students for the crucial examinations (PSLE and O Levels) from the get go.

Let me help you start early!

my services

Primary English Tuition

English tuition for P1-P6

Secondary English Tuition

English tuition for S1-S4

Paper 1 Consultation

Ad hoc service for

Continous Writing

Mr Kwan

With 25 years of tutoring experience, Mr Kwan is known for his student-centred and inquiry-based approach. Lessons are adjusted and tailored to learning aptitudes, and lesson breakdowns are always provided after every session.

Mr Kwan never loses his temper but he does have a firm hand. This is something many of his past students have come to know and appreciate. 



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If you have questions, just ask away!

Thank you for reaching out!

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