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Model Composition - A day you helped someone

Updated: Jun 13

"Finally, a quiet spot to tackle my homework," I exhaled with relief, easing onto one of the spacious benches within Tampines Hub.

As I began to unpack my books, my attention was abruptly hijacked by the arrival of an imposing figure at the opposite end of the bench—a large, ungainly woman who seemed to effortlessly command half of the seating space. Initially taken aback, my surprise quickly morphed into a faint smirk.

Despite my best efforts to concentrate on my work, my gaze involuntarily wandered back to her. She rewarded herself with a gulp from her oversized cup of bubble tea with every tap on her phone screen, dangling her bulging handbag haphazardly from her arm

In that moment, I found myself indulging in a silent game of judgment, chuckling at my inner commentary. If there was an Olympics for size, she would easily find herself on the winner's podium.


A man joined us at the next table. He was another oddball. The day was warm and humid, and there he was, in a black hoodie and sunglasses.  

What was he thinking? Yet, he leaned back in his seat, exuding an air of nonchalance and seemingly impervious to the sweltering heat, his gaze casually drifting.When ours eyes met, he simply smiled, a grin playing at the corners of his lips, before I quickly turned back to my  worksheets. There was something perculiar about him, and try as I might, I could not shake the whisper of suspicion lingering at the edge of my consciousness. The lady was oblivious to it all, her attention steadfastly tethered to the screen of her phone; she was cocooned in a bubble, chewing her tapioca pearls.


After a while, the man rose from his seat and sauntered past our table. He tripped and collided into the lady."I'm so sorry," he muttered as he picked himself up, once again wearing that smile of his as he hastily shuffled off. It was then I noticed him slipping a long wallet into the pocket of his hoodie. Dread crept into the pits of my stomach. With a sinking feeling, I realized that the encounter was not a mere accident, but a carefully orchestrated ploy by a skilled and brazen pickpocket.

The chilling revelation jolted me to my feet as I shouted, "Stop! You thief!". 

He froze and turned, the smile all but wiped from his face. Again, our eyes met and this time, he was the one who broke away by turning on his heels to make his escape. 

On instinct, I lunged forward, propelled by an electrifying surge of misplaced bravado.  The moment I caught up, I seized his hoodie in a vice-like grip, screaming for help. Whipping around, the man’s nostrils flared as he hissed, "You’d keep your mouth shut and let go if you know what’s good for you.”

But I refused to be silenced.

With a primal snarl, the thief attempted to wrench my fingers from their steadfast hold, his movements fueled by a desperation and foiled by each of my knuckles that had turned white with determination as I clung to him with an iron will.

With frustration etched across his face, he resorted to brute force, unleashing a barrage of blows upon my clenched fingers. Each strike reverberated through my hand like thunder, pain lancing through me with every impact. Yet still, I refused to release my grasp.

Finally, he reached into his back pocket, pulling out cold steel with one hand as his beady eyes bored into me. My heart thundered within my chest at the sight of the razor-sharp edge.

"Alright, you as-"


Before another syllable could escape the thief's lips, something large and brown knocked the knife from his grasp, sending it skittering across the floor. The thief turned, only to be met by the steely gaze of the woman, her anger palpable in the fire in her eyes. 

She did not hesitate as she swung her handbag again, squarely at his head, while hurling the remaining bubble tea in his face. Caught off guard by the sudden onslaught of fury, the thief staggered backward blindly, his arms instinctively rising to shield himself.

"Pick on somebody your own size!" she said as she continued her assault on the cowering figure.

In the wake of the unexpected turn of events, a surge of awe flooded through me. She was clearly a force of nature. With the thief momentarily distracted, I seized the opportunity to reclaim what rightfully belonged to its owner—the stolen wallet. Realizing all was lost, he beat a hasty retreat,  scrambling away with his tail between his legs. He knew that he had been bested.


"Here. This is yours," I uttered softly, extending the recovered wallet. 

"Thank you. You were very brave. I'm sure not everyone would have helped like you did," she said with tearful eyes.

Her words triggered a swell of conflicting emotions within me. On the one hand, I indeed lent a helping hand but on the other, I had fat-shamed her.  Guilt and embarrassment washed away whatever pride there was, turning my cheeks a vivid shade of crimson.

Without a word, she pulled me into a tight embrace, her arms wrapping around me in a bear hug. Faced with her unwavering gratitude and the weight of my own misplaced assumptions, I could not help but feel a pang of remorse.

I had allowed my gaze to linger on her size, passing judgment so casually and now, her words and action hung in the air, a stark reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding.

"Come, we must celebrate. Let's go grab bubble tea. My treat!" 

Caught off guard by the sudden and generous offer, I hesitated for a moment before nodded my head, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. I could not help but feel a flicker of warmth blossom within me.

"Thank you," I replied with a sheepish smile. "I would love to join you."

With a sense of anticipation bubbling within me, we set off. That day was not just a day I helped someone; it was also the day I learnt that there is always room for kindness.

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